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Roy Is Not a Dog

Esmé Shapiro (CA)

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Take a ride down Lilypod Lane with Weasel and Pam Pam as they try to solve a mystery in their neighbourhood in this hilariously fetching picture book: could their peculiar neighbour actually be a dog in disguise?

On Lilypod Lane, everyone knows everything about everybody . . . or so they believe! When curious paperboy Weasel encounters his mysterious neighbour Roy on his route, he becomes convinced that Roy is actually a dog! But when his friend Pam Pam disagrees, Weasel must put on his detective cap and do his best sleuthing to reveal Roy's extraordinary secret, and prove that not everything is as it seems, once and for all!

An endearingly offbeat picture book that celebrates neighbours and neighbourhoods, Roy Is Not a Dog delivers laughs and lessons about accepting others for who they are as well as the risks and rewards of showing your true self.

Hardcover | Ages 3-7 | 48 pages | 8.94" x 11.31"