Bryan Lee O'Malley (CA)

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A whimsical peek into kitchen life told through the lens of a young chef restaurateur!? It's hard not to love this particular graphic novel when it hits so close to home, haha! Aptly named, this short but mighty follow-up to Bryan Lee O'Malley's critically acclaimed Scott Pilgrim is the perfect course of delectable charm and humour. Along with the growing popularity of food media, this light-hearted story brings endearing levity to the current zeitgeist like a crisp chardonnay to a fatty dry aged rib eye. It's a truly delightful read that you'll definitely be reaching for again and again.

To celebrate AAPI heritage month, we are happy to announce a delicious collaboration with our go-to lunch spot in the Junction, Tam Restauraunt. We've asked their amazing team to share their fave AAPI authored/illustrated books with us. If you purchase one of their staff picks, keep the receipt so that you can show it next time you swing by for a bite to get 10% off! We highly recommend the thịt kho, a classic bánh mì, or the vegan phở. Offer valid until the end of May.

     Seconds is a complex and novelistic stand-alone story about a young restaurant owner named Katie who, after being visited by a magical apparition, is given a second chance at love and to undo her wrongs. Fans new and old will love O'Malley's bold and quirky style infused with his subtle, playful humour.

Hardcover | 336 pages | 6.25" x 8.28"