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Eat Like a Legend

Dan Churchill

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From chef, athlete, and performance coach Dan Churchill, a cutting-edge cookbook filled with protein-packed, healthy recipes for fueling up, feeling right, and living like a legend.

We are not all super athletes, but we all perform in one way or another, every single day. Whether we’re training for a marathon, smashing that big presentation, or chasing after kids, we need energy and focus for a healthy mind and body. To be our best, we need to feel our best, and what we eat makes the difference.

Dan Churchill, The Healthy Chef, has spent more than a decade coaching high performers—everyone from professional hockey greats to famously fit celebrities like Chris Hemsworth or Lindsay Vonn to 100-mile runners—to be “legendary eaters.” Churchill’s philosophy and methods are simple—ditch the complicated science of performance nutrition and focus on five fundamental values: Eat good. Eat easy. Eat more. Eat deliberately. Eat special.

Written in his fun and friendly voice, Eat Like a Legend provides recipes for food you can actually cook—food that’s packed with fiber, nutrients, and other good stuff calibrated to enhance focus, determination, gut health, muscle mass, and endurance, no matter what you do. In this lifestyle cookbook, Churchill gathers the best of the best food with simple, step-by-step instructions—the tastiest dishes in his repertoire that will provide the energy you need to perform in your daily life, including:

  • Acai Bowls (That Are Actually Good For You)
  • Chicken Alfredo You Can Eat Every Day
  • Crispy Sticky Salmon on Sesame Greens
  • One-Skillet Apple Pie
  • Sexy Tofu Scramble with Avo-Dill Salsa
  • Legendary Baked Ziti with a Kale Pesto
  • Game-Day (and Work-Day) Shrimp Tikka Masala
  • Pad Thai in a Flash with Sunny-Side Up Eggs
  • Gooiest Brownies Ever (You’ll Never Guess How)

Hardcover | 288 pages | 7.38" x 9.12"