World Literature in Translation

This section is devoted to world literature in translation, in efforts to make it easier for you to find online those brilliant little books that make independent bookstores what they are  the books that whisper to you from other languages and make you shiver in recognition. At our Queen St. store, many of these books are shelved on our “Plotless Fiction” shelf, but there's a wide range of essays, poetry, science fiction, world-raising novels included here, too. We hope you find something that both unsettles and soothes you with the intimate dislocation that comes from reading transnational literature.

This section is being launched with fifteen titles, across which ten different languages in translation are represented: Portugese, Russian, French, Catalan, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Japanese, Arabic, and Korean. We've also chosen to highlight books published by small, independent, and nonprofit presses, because these publishers are crucial purveyors of radical politics, experimental and feminist literature, as well as the vital and often under-credited work of translators and editors. 

The titles featured in this collection have been selected by TYPE bookseller and Event Director, Claire Foster. Claire is also a literary translator from French. Her translation of Pierre Clementi’s A Few Personal Messages is forthcoming from Small Press. 

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