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Science and Math for Curious Kids

Lynn Huggins-Cooper

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Young readers can discover the wonders of science and mathematics with this inspirational and accessible hardback guide, beautifully illustrated in full-color by award-winning illustrator Alex Foster.

From ecology to number theory, kids will find a new way of looking at the world and the laws of science and mathematics that govern it. This title is packed with clear, colorful, and engaging explanations on a range of subjects, including:

• Elements
• The human body and its organs
• Matter and motion
• Geometry
• Atoms and molecules
• Animals, plants, and other living things
• Biodiversity

Big new concepts pop off the page, thanks to useful diagrams and vibrant illustrations. Supporting STEM learning, this book is perfect for readers aged 8+.

Hardcover | 304 pages | 8.85" x 11.02"