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I Am a Book. I Am a Portal to the Universe.

I Am a Book. I Am a Portal to the Universe.

Stefanie Posavec
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expected release date: april 27, 2021

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Hello. I am a book. But I'm also a portal to the universe.

I have 112 pages, measuring 20cm high and wide. I weigh 450g. And I have the power to show you the wonders of the world.

Lift me up to the sky, rest me on your lap, drop me from a height, wear me as a hat. Together, through data, we'll uncover the stories hidden in the everyday. How long is an anteater's tongue? How tiny is the DNA in your cells? How fast is gold mined? How loud is the sun? And how many stars have been born and exploded in the time you've taken to read this sentence?

Hold me in your hands and let me show you what I'm made of - and what waits for you in the corners of our awe-inspiring universe.

Hardcover: 112 pages
Physical Dimensions: 7.87" x 7.87"