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Say Hello to the Type Reader for June—Kara

Kara is an award-winning art director who has worked the advertising grind for years and most recently launched Bad Girls Collective—a women’s book club that has grown to be much more.

What is the first book you remember loving?
White Oleander. I remember being in awe of Ingrid and her unapologetic and selfish ways. She defied any female norms I had been taught up until that point. I think I reread it 4 times before moving on. The movie was horrible in comparison.

What is your favourite virtue in a book?
Self-reflection in the book’s concept / fluidity and organicness in writing style.

What do you appreciate most in a book character?

What character (real or fictional) do you dislike the most?
Ignorant men.

Your favourite prose authors?
Aldous Huxley - but mostly just Brave New World.

If you were to write a non-fiction book about anything, what would it be about?
I wouldn’t write non-fiction but I could see myself completing a photographic or drawn collection. I’m quite enthralled with dance and it’s transformative capabilities. Likely something in that world. I communicate best through image, words just don’t flow the same for me.

Do you read on public transportation? 
The intention is always there. I always have a book on me. It all comes down to whether or not I have a deadline and have to turn the subway into my office space.

What book have you never read but have always meant to? Do you think you will ever read it?
Strange answer: The Bible. I have no religious ties, but have always wanted to see what all the hoopla is about. 

What book do you pretend to have read, but in fact have not?
80% of the books I start and don’t finish. The struggle to stay awake and keep up with all the amazing reads out there is real. 

What book(s) are you reading right now?
 The Home for Unwanted Women by Joanna Goodman and Beautiful Losers by Leonard Cohen.