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Say Hello to April's Type Reader Jack

We're honoured that 5 year-old Jack took time out of his crime fighting schedule to be the TYPE Reader this month. You may have met Jack in the store, he can usually be found chasing Derek around. Jack taught us that books are neat, but smelly things are better.
Hello Jack!
Hello everybody!

How’s this interview going so far?
We have two books here for you—Chase’s Super Sniffer (Paw Patrol) and Count on The Easter Pups (Paw Patrol)?
For real?
Yes for real. Which one is your favourite book?
You don’t like the smelly scratch and sniff one better?
I do.
Ok, it’s hard to choose for sure. Both are great. Maybe what’s your favourite smell in Super Sniffer? I like the fruity ones better. What do you think?
Apple? Cherries? Oh! The tree-sie (points at a pine tree scratch ‘n’ sniff)
Who’s that monkey?
Is Mandy the Monkey one of your favourite characters in a book?
This smells yucky.

Who is your favourite character? Could you pick? Is it Marshall?
(Runs out of the room screaming, but then returns) Do you have any Beyblade books?

I don’t think so. What are Beyblade books?
They spin.  Are those cars? (points at a toy car and runs off)

Jack do you have favourite Paw Patrol characters?
Chase.  Rubble.  Marshall.


But, who’s you favourite really?
All. Smell this! This smells super gross!

That smells disgusting Jack.
Can I go now?!?