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Book Launch for Shirley Camia's Children Shouldn't Use Knives and Other Tales > NOVEMBER 24

At Bay Press and Type Books invite you to the launch of Shirley Camia's Children Shouldn't Use Knives, hosted by JAZZ.FM91's Garvia Bailey.

On Children Shouldn't Use Knives: The blue skies of childhood exist in the warmest of our memories, but what chases us all through the rest of our lives are the storm clouds. This is the premise of Children Shouldn’t Use Knives, a harrowing but exhilarating examination of life before adolescence by Canadian poet Shirley Camia. In a series of razor-sharp sketches, Camia’s piercing observations are offered as a perfectly balanced counter-weight to the sing-song melody of innocence. Camia and Vancouver illustrator Cindy Mochizuki offer an individual reckoning that unpacks the universal truth that fear and danger respect no age and ignore all boundaries.

Shirley Camia has produced a gorgeously sculptured work of poetry that is as beautiful as it is devastating.

On boke: These poems are about the journey of looking and not seeing exactly, but seeing enough. From the tiny logging towns and coastal ports in Malaysia, to the mega cities of Hong Kong and Singapore, the many places of home, family and history converge, tumbling and washing up against the rim of the poet’s “I”.

There will also be readings by Jasmine Gui, author of boke (words [on] pages, 2016). 

boke is a blue collection, a rainy collection, a walking collection.


Shirley Camia is the author of three collections of poetry: Children Shouldn't Use Knives and other Tales (At Bay Press), The Significance of Moths (Turnstone Press, 2015) and Calliope (Libros Libertad, 2011). Her work has been featured in North American publications such as The New Quarterly and the Winnipeg Free Press, and is forthcoming in TAYO and the anthology, My Lot is a Sky, from Math Paper Press in Singapore.

Jasmine Gui is the founder of Project 40 Collective and managing editor at LooseLeaf magazine. Her work has been featured in publications such as The Spectatorial, Panorama Journal Softblow, ricepaper, and Hart House Review. Her poetry chapbook, boke was published by wordsonpages this fall. 

Book Launch for Shirley Camia's Children Shouldn't Use Knives

Type Books, 883 Queen St. W

Friday, November 22, 7pm-9pm