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Anupa Mistry is our Type Reader for November

When Anupa Mistry isn't working as a producer at q on CBC Radio One, or as a freelance culture writer, she's stopping by Type to gossip with her pal Kalpna, and to peruse our "selection of hip kids' books" and (along with Sarah Liss,) she will be interviewing music writer Jessica Hopper in our store. 

Three random facts about Anupa: She can’t pass a cookie without eating it, she used to be a Girl Guide, and while
most Mistry’s are distantly related, she is in fact NOT related to the Canadian author Rohinton Mistry.


What is the first book you remember loving?
I have to thank my second grade teacher who was able to contain my rambunctiousness with books instead of sending me to the principal's office. She loaned me a copy of The Secret Garden  by Frances Hodgson Burnett and, after I tore through it in days, a VHS of the film. Super weird in hindsight because that was also how I learned about colonialism in India.

What is your favorite virtue in a book?

What do you appreciate most in a book character?
A good wardrobe. I have Claudia Kishi to thank.

What character do you dislike the most?
It's a tie between Draco Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange.

If you were to write a novel about anything, what would it be?
Speculative fiction romp set in Rexdale.

Your favourite prose authors?
Dionne Brand, Claudia Rankine, Warsan Shire, Edward P. Jones.

Your favourite music writers?
Rawiya Kameir, Julianne Escobedo Shepherd, Matthew Trammell, Hua Hsu, Sean Fennessey, Rembert Browne. And, Jessica Hopper, of course.

Has a book ever had a direct impact on your life, and if so, what was the impact?
Jeet Thayil’s Narcopolis  challenged my internalized biases of contemporary Indian writing. Zadie Smith’s White Teeth  helped me identify as a writer. Paul Beatty's The Sellout  made me laugh til my stomach hurt. Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart  changed my life.

Do you read on public transportation?
Yes. I’m the guy who carries around hardcover novels like it’s nothing.

What qualities do you want in a book you’re read while traveling?
It depends on where I go, but mostly I want something that keeps me steady whilst I’m discovering unfamiliar places.

What book do you pretend to have read, but in fact have not?
Jay Z (and dream hampton)’s Decoded.

If you could force a single celebrity to read a specific book in it’s entirety, who would you chose, and what book would you make them read?
I would make Drake read This Is How You Lose Her  by Junot Diaz. Think he'd relate.

What book(s) are you reading right now?
How To Be A Bad Bitch  by Amber Rose, and The Year of the Runaways  by Sunjeev Sahota.