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Type window is an underwater wonderland

So, according to a You Tube video from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary people, there is no hard and fast rule for what to call more than one octopus. There are very good and reasoned arguments for Octopuses, Octopi, and Octopedes. Basically, the conclusion is use the one you like best, and don't argue with someone who uses a different one. Solid and sound advice for any reason, yes?

And since there is no collective name for a group of octopuses-i-edes, and since the Oxford English Dictionary says anyone can make them up, I am now declaring it. It's called a  Kalpna of Octopi. It's official.


Octopus  by Katherine Courage
Octopus Alone  by Divya Srinivasan
Preparing the Ghost  by Matthew Frank
Moby Dick Drop Caps Edition  by Herman Melville
Republic of Imagination  by Azar Nafisi
The Lagoon  by Armand Marie Leroi
The Sea Inside  by Philip Hoare
Swimmy  by Leo Lionni
Dept. of Speculation  by Jenny Offill
Leaving the Sea  by Ben Marcus
Kraken  by Wendy Williams
Jim Curious  by Matthias Picard
Under the Ocean  by Anouck Boisrobert
The Reef  by Iain McCalman
Moby Dick Ocean Primer  by Jennifer Adams
Aquarium  by David Vann
Northwest Passage  by Stan Rogers, illustrated by Matt James
Stung!  by Lisa-ann Gershwin
Cultural Lives of Whales & Dolphins  by Hal Whitehead
Spineless  by Susan Middleton

window design by Kalpna Patel
photography by Serah-Marie McMahon